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How To Make Money from Spiritual Healing

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“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich. For to unfold the soul and to develop talent one must have many things ... and one cannot have these things unless one has money to buy them with.”
The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace D. Wattles)

Do you Practise or Channel ...

Psychic Gifts,
Shamanic Ceremony,
Tarot/Oracle Card Reading,
As a Lightworker or Starseed,
or any other Energy Healing modality?

Are you a Spiritual Healer struggling to live your dream?
Are you making enough money to live the life you want?

A Tale of Two Gardens

The first garden shown below, the Garden of Survival, is worth scarcely a look, with only a few straggly plants amongst the weeds.
The second garden is flourishing, the Garden of Abundance, full of beautiful bright flowers.
Garden of Abundance

Which Garden are you in?

Most practitioners are in the Garden of Survival.
Despite your best efforts, you are not achieving your potential, nor attracting the clients you want.

How can you step into the Garden of Abundance?

The "How To Make Money From Spiritual Healing" Program propels you directly into the Garden of Abundance.
Build a powerful portfolio of skills and tools that you can transmute into abundant wealth for yourself and others.
Achieve your true potential and attract all the clients you want, flourish and get truly rich in Money, Fame, Love or Travel.
Or in whatever you choose! This is a premium one-on-one program for up to twelve (12) participants.
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The "How To Make Money From Spiritual Healing" Program

In this Program, I work with you personally to dive deep into your Soul's Purpose and illuminate your Abundant Destiny.
You can enjoy both freedom and flexibility, since I tailor the offerings to suit your needs. You can start and stop at any time.
Bianca Batalhas

What you can experience during the Program


Only a few memberships left!

The normal cost of this Program is $144 per week.
Sign up for membership now and pay only $88 per week for as long as you remain a continuous member, a saving of 38%.

This is GREAT value! Many mentors charge $350 for a 1 hour session.

Whereas you receive your personal One Hour Session plus Messaging access plus Video Library and Discounts for just $88 per week.

Waiting List

Note: The Program is limited to twelve (12) participants. If you miss out and the Program closes before your sign up is received, you will be put on the Waiting List. Your payment will be refunded and your membership will be put on hold until a spot becomes available.

You can stop at any time

If you maintain continuous membership, your special discounted price of $88 per week will continue to apply for the full term of your membership. Your program can be stopped, paused and/or restarted at any time. Please be aware that the special discounted price of $88 per week will revert to the normal price when you return to your Program if you take a break.
Please DO NOT sign up for my Program if you:
  • are not prepared to do the work needed (have fun 😀),
  • think $88 per week is too much to spend on your self worth,
  • think you know it all already and there is nothing more to learn from me,
  • or are not ready to commit to becoming wealthy from your spiritual practice.

“All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.”
Your Word is Your Wand (Florence Scovell Shinn)

About Bianca

Bianca BatalhasTo give you a little background into my past, in 2011 I had a “Spiritual Awakening”. This awakening completely transformed my life in an amazing way, and for the first few years I got to taste what it is like to fully live in an Abundant life, attracting and manifesting pretty much anything I wanted, but then my unconscious programming of Fear took over. My truth at the time is that I was scared. Scared to believe in my own intuitive knowing, because believing meant a big change was going to occur and I was resisting this change.

Through my many life experiences, challenges & also through learning from many expert Mentors. I have developed my Psychic Intuitive Abilities to teach others how to tap in to the Universal Abundance Matrix of the 5D earth. With the everyday guidance of my intuition I now live my life in-right relations with the Universe and have a Calling & Deep Passion to guide those on the awakened path. If you’re reading this, that’s you!
You too can "Be the full Abundant Expression of your own Truth".

"You were never meant to just survive life, you are here to thrive!" ~ Bianca Batalha


“Bianca, I wanted to share this with you: We bought a house after your session!!
I also looked up the meaning of the Spirit Animal you mentioned, after your vision during our session & it reflects exactly the qualities I wanted to work on myself this year.”
Guiliana Hayes

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“Dear Bianca, I remain and shall forever remain grateful to you for the powerful and life-changing reading you gave me in April. It was perhaps the most valuable event of my 2020, as it is thanks to this reading that I pursued and connected to the Four Winds and that I may now say I am a graduate. Thank you so much dear Bianca. Happy 2021! 💛🌟”
Cynthia Martin

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